CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- There are not enough election officers to work the polls this year, and the City of Charlottesville is looking to hire more for the upcoming primary, but the deadline is coming up fast.

There are multiple positions that still need to be filled and, according to an official at the registrar's office, it typically doesn't turn many people away.

The job is flexible, with a three-year term, and the only requirement is that a volunteer be a registered voter in Virginia.

Election officers make $15 an hour, or more, depending on specialty roles.

Taylor Yowell, elections director and general registrar, for Charlottesville, says the city typically needs at least 100 people to work the primary election. However, one of the big issues the office is facing when trying to fill these roles is that summer vacation can get in the way.

One of the biggest reasons to fill openings now is getting election officers trained in time for the primary election in June, and having them stay to work for the general election in November.

"If anyone is interested in working the polls this June election, getting their application in as quickly as possible. Because they do need to get trained and they do have to get appointed by the electoral board. This will also have them prepared for the November election. So, we don't like to have a lot of turnover in our election officers,” Yowell said.

Yowell says the office usually has a heavier staff presence during the general election, for which it's hoping more people will sign up soon.

Applications are due Tuesday night, but Yowell says that deadline could be extended if more people are still needed.

Unlike Charlottesville, Albemarle County says that it does not need any more election officers currently. But that could all change this fall.

Early voting started on May 5 and the last day to vote early in this year's primary is June 17.