LAKE MONTICELLO, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- In 18 months, the Lake Monticello Community Foundation has finally raised $100,000 to finish an all-inclusive playground. 

“People have been so generous. The whole community has pitched in on this. People bought tickets, people volunteered, people did all kinds of things to make this thing happen,” said Mike Feazel, Board Member of Lake Monticello Community Foundation.

After countless events and fundraisers, there is enough money to buy the new playsets and get ready for construction.

“The two fundraisers over the weekend brought in close to $6,000. We were at just under $95,000 going into the weekend. We were surprised actually that those two put us over the top,” said Feazel.

Now more children with mobility challenges will be able to play alongside everyone, which hasn’t been an option in the past unless families traveled to Richmond. 

“This whole idea came up because there's a woman here at the lake who has mobility issues. She was having trouble taking her children to the playground. We realized it's not just people like her but it’s the children themselves who often have physical or other limitations that don’t allow them to play in a regular playground,” said Feazel.

The foundation hopes to have a grand opening for the playground in late June.