CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- In just two seasons Callan Baker has become a fortress for STAB lacrosse.

"He's a fierce competitor," started STAB boys lacrosse coach Bo Perriello, "He really leaves it all out on the field and brings the best out of his teammates."

The Canadian goalie left behind his home country and transferred to STAB his junior year, bringing with him a wealth of experience including All-Canada Junior nationals.

"In Canada there is a tournament in August where all the best players from each province go to a certain location and my team won all of Canada," said Baker, a senior.

"It's given him a competitive edge," said Perriello, "He's gotten to play in a lot of high-level tournaments representing Canada. Obviously those are really important for him in representing his country. He's really seen high-level competition and he knows what it's like to compete for championships."

For many, the transition to a new country, school, and team would be difficult, but for Baker, it was seamless, so much so that he was named captain after just one season.

"I felt like I fit in as soon as I got here and I've loved it ever since," said Baker.

"It was a huge commitment for him to come all the way down here to a place he didn't know, and a school he didn't know very well," said Perriello, "I know it was a little nerve racking at first. But he fit in really quickly with the guys and has just been a great addition, not only to the lacrosse team but to our entire school community."

Now with his second and final season in the STAB jersey behind him Callan looks forward to four more years in the cage at Roanoke College.

"I think he has the potential to be a standout goalie there," said Perriello, "I know there is a lot of competition at the collegiate level, but he's never shied away from that competition and I think he expects the best from himself and will go down there and compete hard for a chance to play on the field."