CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The family of a youth baseball player who tragically died has created a fundraiser in his honor.

Calvin Ness died last week after being removed from life support. He had been hit in the head during a warm-up exercise resulting in a severe injury.

His family has now created the C-Will Fund for Buford Athletics, which aims to develop a robust booster program allowing all middle school students in Charlottesville to have access to well-supported school sports programs.

The fundraiser is being supported by the nonprofit Black Knight Athletic Club, which raises fund to benefit the athletic programs at Charlottesville High and Buford Middle schools.

Ness was a student at Buford and played with Charlottesville Babe Ruth League.

The family is also planning a celebration of life, which will be held next week at Charlottesville High School.

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