CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Charlottesville City Schools won’t have to make any budget cuts for the renovation of Buford Middle School. 

The school division received $17.6 million from the Virginia Department of Education as a part of its School Construction Assistance Program. 

Now CCS can fully find the $91.8 million project without sacrificing other capital improvements. 

The money will build a fine arts building, an outdoor classroom and garden. 

Chief of Operations Kim Powell said the division has been waiting on this for a while. 

“This has been a conversation in this community for close to a decade, or really even more than that. Then you come out of the pandemic and we're battling inflation. And so this funding is really making a big impact for this community,” she said. 

She said if any requests had been left behind, the school wouldn’t have been able to serve all the students as the sixth-grade moves in.