ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- After 55 years, Jackson P. Burley High School's colors have been retired and will be sent to Special Collections at the University of Virginia.

Jimmy Hollins, the president of the Burley Club, says this is long overdue. 

“They gave our colors to Jack Jouett Middle School, which was not supposed to happen. Our colors were supposed to remain here and when Burley reopened as a middle school, it was supposed to be given to them. But they did not. So now we are getting our colors back,” he said.

Albemarle County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Matthew Haas says there is no better time than now to do what is right.

“The present in the present, you can go back, and you can try. If you can’t undo something that was wrong, you can at least reframe it into something that’s right,” said Haas.

Kasaundra Blount, the current principal of Jackson P. Burley Middle School, said she is proud to be a leader in this school.

“I just think it is very important. There's a story to be told that is shared. So we're just excited that we are an institution of living history, and we still have Burley varsity club members, Burley High School alumni are very active and everything that we're doing here within the school community, and we really appreciate hearing their stories and knowing how important and how critical their stories where for the foundations of this community for African Americans participation,” she said.

About a year ago, there was a similar ceremony unveiling the school's national landmark status.