CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- "I like being involved in every single play," said Monticello senior pitcher Katie O'Connor. "You have to pitch every single ball. It's never you're just standing there in the outfield. You're always involved in everything."

O'Connor lives her life off the diamond the same way she plays on it: constantly moving. In addition to school, Monticello softball, and travel softball she finds time to volunteer at the Nelson County SPCA.

"But I enjoy keeping busy. I've always enjoyed it," said O'Connor, "I don't like sitting still, so it gives me something to do. I enjoy giving back to the community and that just helps satisfy that."

"She's just a kid that likes to stay busy," said Monticello softball coach Heidi Freitager, "She likes to stay engaged with a lot of different activities so whether that's softball, volleyball, volunteering in different organizations, she's a kid that's always on the go."

O'Connor has been a constant in the circle for the Mustangs, throwing 55 strikeouts in 31 innings pitched.

"She's been doing really well for us the last couple of years in the circle," said Freitager. "Pressure-wise it really doesn't get to her. There are days that you know she'll have a down day but her tenacity with her teammates and having them behind her I think really helps her. And, I mean, she's guided them to that place where they're very, very supportive of what she does in the circle."

"You just got to focus on the next play. It happens, I mean it's happened to me since I was small," said O'Connor, "You just focus on the next batter and it doesn't matter what happened before, it's what you do next."

And her work on the field isn't done yet, Katie has signed to play the next four years at Caldwell College

"For her, the big thing is she can do so many things on and off the field," said Freitager, "On the field she's gonna be a kid that plays multiple positions because she's very athletic. She's also going to contribute to them in terms of their offensive game as well which is for pitchers, sometimes that doesn't happen, but she's one of those kids that's an all-around good athlete."