WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- Fifth District Representative Bob Good weighed in on the ongoing debt ceiling negotiations happening between congressional leadership and President Joe Biden.

Good believes House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been speaking for the majority whose position hasn't changed. They still want a bill to pass that includes reforms and cuts. He says the House has done its part. Now the Senate has to do it.

"Most Republicans never voted for a debt ceiling increase, most Republicans didn't want to increase the debt ceiling at all. However, we came together to be responsible in dealing with the debt limit and in exchange for reforms and cuts that will put us on a better path fiscally," he said.

Good doesn't think it would come down to a situation where Republicans would have to rely on Democratic support to get their bill through the House. But he does believe the bill is bipartisan by definition since it will have to be passed through a Democratic-controlled Senate and signed into law by a Democratic president.