CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Drivers will see the work zone near the Belmont Bridge replacement project extending.

Charlottesville officials say it will extend north of East Market Street in the far right lane of Ninth/Avon Street northbound.

Drivers will see barrels in place around work to build a new signal pole foundation and then to protect that new foundation until curb extensions and sidewalks are put in.

According to a release, this may impact the southern entrance to a few businesses in the area, including Chester’s Chicken and the Shell station.

There will also be construction vehicles entering and exiting the work zone on Ninth/Avon Street south of the bridge and the railroad tracks.

Meanwhile, prefabricated units for the southern pedestrian underpass have been put in place and work on the retaining wall to and from the underpass is ongoing.

Utility work and construction of the retaining wall means Old Avon is closed between Garrett and East South streets.

Drivers will still be guided by flaggers on Old Avon, East South Street, Graves Street and Monticello Road while utility relocation work continues as well as the installation of pedestrian lighting and the retaining wall.

Next week, girders will be put in place over Water Street, which will impact pedestrians and drivers for three short durations. All travel will be stopped on Water Street for up to 15 minutes at a time.

The release says these will be the last of the girders that need to be put in place for the bridge deck construction to begin.

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