CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A community cornerstone is struggling to provide its services three years after the pandemic.

Live Arts is a nonprofit and volunteer-powered theater that's been around for 33 years.

Since COVID, it has had lower ticket sales and fewer donors, which make up half of the theater's funding. It also has 60 percent of the number of volunteers that it had three years ago.

That means the theater is facing a $150,000 shortfall at the end of June.

Executive Director Anne Hunter said Live Arts is working to close the gap so it can keep doing its important work.

"It's an opportunity to tell the stories of our time in a way that people can hear them. They can see their own stories on stage, it builds empathy, it builds a sense of intimacy, and it builds this strong sense of connectiveness and belonging," she said.

One strategy is the Waterworks Festival, which is happening through June 3. Anyone is able to submit works, attend and support.

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