CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Memorial Day holiday weekend is the official kickoff to summer, and AAA says one million Virginians will hit the road.

AAA said to be prepared for traffic.

Last year, AAA responded to 6,500 disabled vehicles, which were mostly for tows and battery issues.

Morgan Dean from AAA said the organization is prepared to get more calls, but drivers need to be prepared too.

For example, bring plenty of water and snacks, fill up on gas, check your battery and tire pressure, and have emergency gear with you.

Overall, Dean said to stay calm and stay focused in the traffic.

"It's easier for drivers to really kind of feed into that frustration which can turn into aggressive driving. We remind everybody to be a courteous driver and do what you can to make you, everyone in your vehicle and out and around these roadways safe," he said.

He added safety starts with buckling up and minimizing distractions like phones.

Dean said they're also predicting air travel in Virginia will set a new record since they started keeping track in 2000.