CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- UVA baseball fans have been getting ready for this big series all week.

Many loyal 'Hoo fans came out to support the Cavaliers in the NCAA Baseball Super Regional hosted in Charlottesville at Disharoon Park, including Tommy Sprouse, who is hosting a large tailgate.

"I've been a season ticket holder for 20 years. And a bunch of us then grew over the years and we just kept getting bigger and bigger until we got to this point,” he said.

Sprouse says he's been a fan since he was a kid and has many memories of going to watch games over the years.

"Baseball is my favorite. I've followed baseball all over. I've been to two World Series, 2015 and 2021," he said. "I've been to all but six games this year. I've been to 54 games."

He wants fans to show up to his tailgate.

"If you look at my sign right there, it’s for the parents, the baseball players' parents, and all the fans," said Sprouse.

Brian O’Donnell and his family joined Sprouse before the first pitch was thrown. His son, Ethan O’Donnell, who is a transfer from Northwestern University, now plays for the 'Hoos.

"And this family welcomed us in here from day one. They are amazing. The Charlottesville community has been incredible. Coach O, Coach Mack have been fantastic and we just feel like family here," said O’Donnell.

Sprouse is confident Virginia will two games out of a three-game series to advance to the College World Series.

"Oh yeah, there ain't no doubt. We gon' win. All we got to win is two. We win two straight, we good, but if it takes three games to get there we'll do that too," he said. "We'll have this set up all weekend. I won't tear it down until we win the Super Regionals.”

Sprouse also hosts tailgates for football games during that season. This weekend, though, he and all the other fans at his tailgate are focused on the batters stepping up to the plate.