CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Cabaret is a timeless musical, and it really has something for everyone,” said Jenny Wales, the artistic director of the Virginia Theatre Festival. 

This production of Cabaret is the first full-scale musical since 2019 for the Virginia Theatre Festival.

This adaptation tackles the issue of what can happen if we ignore history, and makes the audience ask when this story is exactly taking place.

Cabaret is a show that celebrates the diversity and strength of artists in Berlin in 1929, and it allows them to flourish and I think that nowadays, people feel like they’re being put into a box. And we see that Cabaret asks our audience questions that they need to be asked nowadays,” added Matt Steffens, the director of Cabaret.

Aside from great songs and iconic dance numbers, Cabaret talks about historical events that most of us were not around for.

“I think it’s an important story to tell here because it tackles the rise of fascism in pre-World War II Germany,” added Wales. 

But, this production ties those historical elements and makes the audience think about issues in our current society and their own personal life story.

“The rise of antisemitism and fascism in this country is just as present as it was 100 years ago. I think that there are characters here for every person, and they make you think about your own life,” said Steffens. 

Aside from the serious tones this musical has, there is an element of entertainment brought by some of New York and Virginia’s best actors, which grabs your attention right from the top of the show.

“I think my favorite number right now is Mein Herr, which is interesting because coming into it, it was not my favorite song. But now I love it and I think it’s going to knock the socks off our audiences,” added Steffens. 

Cabaret opens at the Culbreth Theater on July 7, and ticket information can be found here