ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital is working to brighten up its building with a brand-new mural.

This comes after a team member at the hospital came up with the idea to bring artwork and inspirational quotes into the hospital's stairwells.

The hospital received funding from the Patient Family Advisory Council to do just that. Now, it is bringing in artists like local muralist and art teacher Ryan Trott to add life to the walls and bring joy into the busy space.

"Walking in here and just feeling and transforming the space I think is really important, and I think that for the people coming through its just going to give them a sense of environment that's going to be a little bit more interesting and fun than a usual staircase," Trott said.

Trott is the first artist to bring a mural inside a stairwell at Sentara Martha Jefferson. This mural includes pipes, flowers, and other fun, colorful, lighthearted designs, and spans multiple stories.

"As part of the caring connection we want to continue to promote a healing environment, a restorative environment and something that brings joy and some positive energy into the hospital," said Esther Otis, Staff Resilience Coordinator at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital.

Sentara Martha Jefferson hopes to bring in more local artists in the future to continue this mural project.