FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va (CBS19 NEWS) -- After anti-LGBTQ+ comments were posted online by a board member, some at Lake Monticello say their community has been turned upside down. The board member is refusing to resign. Now, there's an effort to get him ousted.

Director Don Polonis is receiving loads of heat from fellow community and even board members after posting an anti-LGBTQ+ image on a local Facebook group page.

"I am going to ask Director Polonis one more time: Will you resign?" asked Board President Larry Henson.

"You know my answer, Larry. No, I will not because I represent more than just the people out here," said Polonis.

At a heated Lake Monticello owner's association meeting Tuesday night, the board unanimously voted to censure Polonis after he recently posted an anti-LGBTQ+ social media post on the Fluvanna County Conservative's Facebook page.

"You know, I said I'm sorry about what I did," he said.

The post shows an image of a rainbow background with Bible references and the phrase: "God creates. Satan imitates."

Many Lake members were furious about Polonis’s actions.

"I am saddened that he felt so willing and so comfortable to breathe contempt upon a stranger," said one resident.

"You sir are a religious zealot and you are not following Christ's teachings," said another.

But it wasn't just the post that created controversy.

After getting complaint emails directed at the board, Polonis is accused of sharing one on the same Facebook group, revealing personal information of a resident and their family.

"Now we have to worry that our house will be vandalized, that our mailbox will be stuffed full of threatening mail, that our 2-year-old can't safely ride his bike outside because a board member who was charged to represent us instead chose to target us," said the resident.

Henson is not standing by his fellow board member making it very clear that this is the view of Polonis alone.

"The rest of this board will not tolerate it or condone it," he said.

Henson says the board is determined to take action.

"There are rules and processes that, unfortunately, we have to follow. But, that doesn't mean we are not going to find a way. We owe it to you," he said, followed by applause from those in attendance.

The board also voted to hold a special election where a majority of Lake members will have the final say.