CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 NEWS) -- Last week, CBS19 told you about the heroic actions taken by staff and members of the Lake Monticello Community as they saved an elderly lady after she drove her car into the lake. The group of heroes included three young lifeguards who sprang into action. CBS19 takes a closer look into the importance of those live saving individuals.

There are a lot of ways that someone can get trained to help someone or even save a life. One way is through the American Red Cross.

"I heard it, then saw it go into the water," said Zachary Butler, a lifeguard at Lake Monticello.

Butler and two of his friends he works with jumped to the rescue after an old woman drove her car over the pool deck and into the lake.

"The car was sinking when I pulled her out so that was absolutely insane," he said.

The lake's spokesperson Marieke Henry says if it weren't for their quick actions, things could've been different.

"This could've been a very horrible morning," she said.

Bill Brent, the executive director of the central Virginia chapter of the American Red Cross, praises the training these individuals had.

"It sounds like someone with the right skill set was at the right place at the right time," he said.

He says they knew what needed to be done.

"They've learned swimming skills, they've learned life and rescue skills, including CPR, first-aid and all those other things that are so necessary when a crisis happens," said Brent.

The region continues to see a shortage of lifeguards. In fact, the Charlottesville department of parks and recreation has had to modify the hours for one of its pools.

"Whether its poolside, lakeside, or ocean or whatever body of water you may be at, you want someone who is trained nearby that can rescue in the event that you need to be," Brent said.

Lifeguards aren't just there for problems in the water.

"We hear just as many times that someone who may have a heart episode next to the pool, that someone who is trained nearby," said Brent.

Brent says to head the advice of those who are trained.

"Listened to the warnings that those lifeguards put out. They're there to take care of everyone that's in that area of that body of water," he said.

You too can be trained in lifesaving techniques by going to the red cross website and signing up for the course you are interested in, including lifeguard training.