LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Leaders in Louisa County are considering an ordinance concerning short-term rentals.

These kinds of rentals are accommodations that are rented for a period of less than 30 days and can include apartments, houses, condos and even rooms inside a home.

For residents, these kinds of rentals may provide much-needed additional income.

According to Louisa County’s website, this ordinance aims to establish clear regulations regarding zoning, building code compliance and safety regulations.

The county says most responsible short-term rental operators will not need to change much they are already doing. The only thing they may need to start doing would be providing a copy of their septic system report to county officials.

The proposed ordinance would require conditional use permits in residential neighborhoods and would clarify restrictions around short-term rentals that are allowed by-right in certain areas such as agricultural districts or growth areas.

The Louisa County Planning Commission discussed the proposed ordinance at a meeting on Thursday, and there will be a public hearing on it, but that has not yet been scheduled.

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