CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Swords into Plowshares team's project to rework Charlottesville’s notorious Robert E. Lee statue is moving forward.

After months of postponements, a judge has dismissed two out of three complaints in the lawsuit regarding the disposition of the Lee statue.

They ruled Trevilian Station Battlefield Foundation's complaints about war memorials and public contracts did not have standing, meaning they're not involved and can't sue.

The judge did not dismiss a complaint that Charlottesville violated the Freedom of Information Act. That part of the case is moving to trial.

Christopher Tate, lawyer for the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, said he's not too worried about that last charge.

"The lawsuit hasn't been fully dismissed, we continue to litigate it, and we continue to believe at the end of the day, the court's going to enter judgment in our favor," he said.  

The other plaintiff in the case, the Ratcliffe Foundation, dismissed its complaints voluntarily.

The Swords into Plowshares team said their project continues as they look for an artist to create a new work of art with the statue.