CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- There are many decisions that go into transferring, but for new 'Hoos Malcolm Greene and Jimmy Christ, family played a big role. 

Greene, a post-spring ball transfer out of Clemson will join his younger brother Miles on the sidelines at Virginia. While it's not the main reason he decided to return to his home state, he says he is enjoying his time sharing the sidelines with his brother. 

"Being able to be his guider and when he may be off a certain day or time being able to tell him 'no we have to be here this time' and 'they want us doing these things this certain way', 'you should have your locker looking this certain way', 'You shouldn't leave this thing here'. Like being able to that guy for him and not having it be someone else who he doesn't have that respect for, the love for. Being able to be someone he loves and respects and values their word, that's something that's very big," said UVA senior Malcolm Greene. 

Both Greene brothers were highly recruited out of Highlands Springs High School. While Malcolm has spent the past three years at Clemson, Miles joins the Cavaliers as an incoming defensive lineman. During his time with the Tigers Malcolm amassed 40 tackles, 4.5 for loss, four pass breakups, and two interceptions. It was also with the Tigers that Malcolm formed bonds with then-Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott and former Clemson Strength Coach Adam Smotherman. Malcolm's connection to the Cavaliers doesn't stop there either. The cornerback roomed with fellow transfer Kobe Pace while at Clemson as well. 

Though fellow transfer Jimmy Christ will not have his brother on the sidelines with him, his older brother Tommy played for UVA himself for five years. Jimmy originally committed to Virginia to play alongside his brother before ultimately deciding on Penn State. During his time with the Nittany Lions Jimmy appeared in 10 games. Jimmy joins an offensive line unit that looks to replace four starters.

"Yeah I mean my brother played here for five years," said Jimmy Christ, "So he was trying to get me to go here. Then a bunch of his friends are on the team right now and were talking to some of the coaches trying to put in a good word for me. I used to visit here all the time in high school. It's so close. I used to go to all of his games. I already knew a bunch of the guys here, and I definitely felt like it was going to be like a smooth transition."