ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The 12th annual Coding Camp, where local students were able to express their love for technology while learning new skills for the classroom, is wrapping up.

 “A lot of them haven’t even touched a keyboard, so just learning technology skills, it’s really awesome,” said Luke Riccabona, an instructor at Coding Camp. 

“They’re going to be the experts in the classroom and be able to teach their friends, and maybe even their teachers, about these different SOLs related to computer science and computational thinking,” said Katie Breaud, an administrator at the Coding Camp. 

This coding academy creates opportunities for creativity, innovation and fun through computer-based classes.

This camp is offered for rising first- through sixth-graders, and some classes are taught by alumni who are pursuing a career in the computer science field.

“I wanted to help these kids grow a passion for coding like I have, and give back to the community,” added Riccabona. 

The curriculum aligns with Virginia state standards in computer science and the new Digital Learning Integration Standards, so during state testing, these kids will have an advantage.

“A lot of these opportunities open the doors for students and make them want to continue computer science as they grow older. We are currently teaching a generation who has yet to have jobs that are even created yet, so we are teaching them computational thinking skills that transcend computer science,” added Campbell. 

Some of the fan-favorite classes include the new bot robot class, where students can control their own robots through their iPads.

Another is Minecraft, where students were building their own ACPS school, while playing with friends.

“We have to make a friend code, and we can actually meet each other together and play,” said Xander Humphrey, a student at Coding Camp.