CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 NEWS) -- It’s almost that time of year where students will start preparing to go back to class. Doctors are saying they should prepare their immune systems as well.

Vaccines may make a person feel bad for a few days, but Dr. Sarah Boggs says the trade-off is worth it.

"Vaccines help our immune system grow," said Boggs.

Boggs, a pediatrician at the University of Virginia Health System, is urging people to keep getting them, especially students.

"In my opinion, the best time to get a vaccine is now, when you enter a doctor's office," she said.

Boggs says she gets a lot of questions from parents about side effects. Parents also frequently ask why so many vaccines are given at the same time.

"Most kids don't have side effects. The side effects of getting multiple vaccines versus one vaccine tend to be about the same,” she responded.

The most common side effects are a low-grade fever, fussiness, and pain and swelling at the injection site.

"Those are the most common side effects and they last for 24 to 48 hours. In the grand scheme of comparing that to most of the diseases that are vaccine-preventable, that seems like a fair trade-off," said Boggs.

Now, there are some serious side effects but Hobbs says those are one-in-a-million. She warns people to trust their doctors and not rely on stories that might be circulating.

"I think that open conversation is so important to finding a pediatrician that you are comfortable with," said Boggs.

In Virginia, there are vaccines that are recommended to get before going back to school.

"At all of our vaccine clinics, we'll be offering HPV, meningococcal, Tdap. All those are really important to prevent certain illnesses from spreading to other people," said Jason Elliott with the Blue Ridge Health District.

Of course, Boggs notes that this doesn't mean children won't get sick. They could still get illnesses like colds and pinkeye.

"Many of those are not vaccine-preventable. We would see all the vaccine-preventable diseases if school comes back if we weren't preventing them," she said.

Elliot says that the health district will be hosting vaccine clinics around the area. To find out their dates and times, click here.