CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Months before his collegiate debut at the Dish the city of Charlottesville already knows the name Henry Ford.

"Henry Ford is the little league legend around Charlottesville," said UVA baseball head coach Brian O'Connor, "He's kind of like the movie Sandlot."

Even in little league there was nothing little about Ford as he towered over the kids. He was hard to miss and O'Connor took notice early on.

"The first interaction I had with Oak was I played his son and I hit three home runs in one game and then the next day he pulled up in his car next to me and was like hey take it easy on him today and I was so excited. I was like no way he knows who I am," said UVA incoming freshman infielder Henry Ford. 

From McIntire Park to the Baylor School in Tennessee, Ford's end destination was always Virginia, where he'll follow in the footsteps of his uncle, a former UVA 3rd baseman.

"I've been going to games since I was two months old," said Ford, "So I wanted to go there since forever. I mean it is pretty incredible to be honest. Dream come true."

"I mean he'll come here this fall, and he will be one of the most physical players that we have on our roster," said O'Connor, "I'm excited about that and I'm excited about his talent and who he is as a person."

Now getting his first taste of college competition with the Tom Sox Ford got off to a hot start, hitting four doubles and a home run through his first 4 games. But later, a broken thumb took him out for a month. 

"Coming back from that was really challenging," said Ford, "Just like seeing live pitching again, my timing was off. My mechanics were off, so I think like the main focus for me is just taking care of my body and showing up mentally really every day."

With the start of school just weeks away Ford will make the mere 3 mile trek from Charlottesville high school to the Dish, where the goal becomes making the 1,186 mile journey back to Omaha.

"I want to win the third base job and I want to win a national championship," said Ford, "So that's what I want and that's why I want to go there. I want to win an ACC Championship and national championship."