CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Thirteen percent of mothers are said to develop postpartum depression after giving birth. That's according to a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia Health System. But a new pill could help this number.

Friday, UVA Health hosted a briefing to discuss the impact of the first pill for postpartum depression, Zuranolone. It's expected to be approved by the FDA in the coming days.

"It essentially resets the brain into a more normal pattern of activity that’s relieving people of their depressive symptoms," said Dr. Jennifer Payne.

Payne says symptoms of postpartum depression may include sadness, anxiety, insomnia, hopelessness and more. She says to always contact a doctor if you suspect anything to be wrong.

"Postpartum depression is absolutely treatable, whether with this new medication or other standard anti-depressants. If someone thinks that they are suffering from postpartum depression or a loved one is, please get them help," said Payne.

Research shows the drug could help with major depression too. If approved by the FDA, Payne says it is likely to be available by mid-November.