FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Signs are popping up in front yards at Lake Monticello. The message on them: “Remove Don Polonis.”

Lake Monticello Owner's Association Director Don Polonis has been under fire after he made an anti-LGBTQ+ post on social media and published personal information of a lake resident. Since then, community members have censured him and taken action to remove him.

Organizers of a Facebook group that has started a campaign against him say it will be an uphill battle getting the votes they need.

Some actions taken by the group include sending out postcards, flyers, and letters notifying residents about the issue, how to contribute, and what they can do to get Polonis off the board.

Dr. Matthew Abbott Carter, who is part of the group and whose information was leaked by Polonis, says it’s going well and that the signs are a "huge hit."

Lake leaders are even showing their support.

"Some people have taken multiple yard signs. For instance, after the head of the board Larry Henson made the decision that members of the board were allowed to have signs, pretty much anyone who was on the board who wasn't Don Polonis, took a whole bunch after the July meeting," he said.

He says the 600 signs they have ordered have already been given out. They are now having to order more.

His wife, Kelsey Carter, says 3,000 postcards, 4,400 flyers, and about 1,000 letters have been sent out.

According to Matthew, Monday was the first day of voting. He says it’s far too early to stop their efforts and they are going to keep reaching out to as many people as they can. Twenty-two hundred votes are needed to remove Polonis.