LOVINGSTON, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- In the dog days of August, Nelson County is amping up the physicality ahead of the fall season.

"We want to be physical," Nelson head coach Jack Baker said, "We want to be a team that's known for physical play and good execution and just a hard-working, good football team."

Heading into year two under head coach Jack Baker, the Governors have seen the emphasis on establishing a physical identity.

"This year we've definitely been doing a lot more hitting drills so far this preseason, more weight room, a lot more weight room," senior WR/LB Hunter Garrett said.

"We're trying to be a lot more physical and not be scared to hit and be scared of another person," senior OL/DL Carson Becerra said.

After only seeing 2 wins over the last three seasons, Baker is hoping continuity from year one to year two helps Nelson continue to build.

"Continued maturity and more consistency in doing the things that you emphasized in year one," Baker said, "The vocabulary is the same, the language is more similar. They know what to expect, so you're looking for a bit more consistency in doing what you're asking."

Internally, the Governors have already seen the strides, especially after a productive offseason in the weight room.

"We had some promising things from the year before, it didn't go how we wanted," Becerra said, "But it had some things that we could build off of and we really started putting that work in early."

"A lot of energy, hype the whole time," Garrett said, "A lot of people pushing weight after we got a nice hour or so lift in, come down here on the field, get some work in."

On the field this year, Nelson County aims to show a bright future for where the program is headed.

"Got to find a way to make a few more plays offensively and come up with a little bit more physical mindset on defense," Baker said.

"Help bring out more people for the next year, more coming," Becerra said, "So that this program can turn into the physical people we want to be."