CROZET, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- The sound of football pads and helmets is music to the ears of Seth Wilson.

"This is what I live for here," said Western Albemarle football coach Seth Wilson, "I mean I teach so I can coach. I live so I can coach because this is my calling."

Wilson's dream of coaching has taken him all across the football landscape, from personal training to a stop at Covenant where he led the eagles to back-to-back eight-man state championships. But now he returns to his true calling, coaching under the Friday Night Lights at Western Albemarle.

"What it is that they were looking for and why it is that I coached just aligned," said Wilson, "Here, they really want to get to an atmosphere where the whole town shuts down and everyone is down in the stadium."

"It's good to have a little turnover, have a new style come in," said Western Albemarle senior safety Jack Boyd, "We got a lot of new players this year and a big team so it's exciting to see what we can do."

Wilson's debut in Crozet also serves as a reunion, getting to collaborate with senior quarterback Nathan Simon, whom Wilson has trained for 3 years.

"We were texting through the whole process and in communication," said Western Albemarle senior quarterback Nathan Simon, "Once I heard that he got the job I was super excited. I remember calling him and we had a whole 5 minute talk about the opportunities and what's going to happen this year and just I was so excited."

In a new-look Jefferson District the warriors plan to revamp their own style of play. Wilson enters year one with a bag of tricks up his sleeve and a goal of changing Western for the better.

"I think we're going to get a little more creative," said Simon, "We're going to get off the base plays of football, get out of our bigger, tighter, formations and just loosen up, spread out and zip the ball around a little bit."

"I'm coaching for more than just games and championships and rings and all that stuff," said Wilson "But to really change someone's heart mind, soul, all of that and just get all of them believe that they can accomplish more."