ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Within the past month there have been two incidents in which small business owners have been victims of auto theft. Khadija’s Kitchen food truck was stolen out of the Seminole Square Shopping Center back in July and Sabrina Feggans discovered her business's trailer was stolen early Tuesday morning. 

“It’s just so unfortunate that we have to work so hard to protect the things we have worked so hard to get,” Feggans said. 

ACPD is working with Feggans to locate her trailer but wanted to remind the public of theft prevention tactics and typical trends of thieves. 

“They will focus on areas that are maybe darkest, they will look for things that are maybe unlocked so make sure you are locking your car doors and locking your trailers and try to park in areas that are well-lit, where there may be some surveillance cameras or cameras at your house, park in your driveway,” Detective Nicholas Richardson said. 

To go a step further, there are extra preventative measures such as purchasing secondary locks or security devices. 

If you are worried about your trailer, make sure you buy a hitch lock for it or something so that someone can't just come by and hook it up to their trailer hitch and drive off with it. 

ACPD also recommends installing GPS systems in large vehicles to allow for tracking if necessary. 

There have been no arrests made in response to these trailer robberies, but if you are to see something suspicious, contact local authorities.