CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) --The UVA men's soccer team signed their newest member, Jaxon Forgrave this weekend. The highly sought-after recruit from Waynesboro makes his way to the pitch through Team Impact, an organization that matches children facing illness to college sports teams.

Jaxon was born with a physical condition called AMC (Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita) and a neurological condition called Bi-lateral perisylvian polymicrogyria. The joint disease limits his movement, making joining a sports team difficult, but thanks to Team Impact, Jaxon can still have the experience of being a part of a team. 

"It means a lot because he doesn't get to be on a regular sports team," said Jaxon's mom Brittney Forgrave, "That was something that as a mom and having a boy you especially hope for your kid to be a part of a team. So this journey will be incredible and very impactful for him to have these relationships and really feel like he's a part of something big."

Though Jaxon officially signed his national letter of intent Friday morning, he started attending practices in the spring. As a full member now, Jaxon will continue to develop a relationship with the team, as well as attend games and training sessions. 

"It's exciting because at the beginning he was a little shy and now he's coming out of his shell more," said UVA senior forward Leo Afonso, "It's just nice to have him around he's such a happy kid and we're just excited to have him."

Jaxon isn't the only one benefiting from this partnership either, the experience has been equally meaningful for the UVA soccer team. Other UVA athletic teams such as volleyball, women's lacrosse and the track and field team have partnered with Team Impact but this is men's soccer's first time signing a Team Impact member. 

"He's a good reminder of that resilience," said UVA men's soccer coach George Gelnovatch, "He's a positive, energetic kid that's going through a lot of stuff, and our guys can see that and I think we're all better for it."