ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- Coach Coleston Bayless is returning to his alma mater and is ready to change the trajectory of the program.

"I love this area. There's no place like Porter Field Park on a Friday night," said Orange County football coach Colston Bayless, "I just kind of want to change the identity of Orange. I want to change the culture and make sure that we have a physical presence, we're disciplined and we're going the right thing all the time on and off the field."

With less than a week away from the first night under the lights, the hornets are ready to buy in.

"He was my coach back in middle school," said Orange County senior offensive linemen Myron Malson, "The way he coached in middle school we did really well. And what he brings to the team is fire and heart."

"We talked to him before the season," said Orange County senior running back and corner back Darius Holmes, "He just brings a level of intensity, he also brings just a level of discipline. I mean it's happening right now. We need discipline on this team to shape us up."

"He is very straight to the point," said Orange County junior quarterback Jeremiah Wharton, "He's going to pat you on the back. If you do something wrong he's going to fuss at you but at the same time, he's going to show you love. I just really buy into his love of the game."

Players are working hard on and off the field, as well as in the classroom. 

"When we're screaming and yelling that's more like come on dude you've got it, we love you, come on, keep pushing, keep pushing," said Wharton.

Coach Bayless has high hopes for the Hornets this season.

"We have a very talented team so we have very high expectations," said Bayless, "But, with those high expectations come extremely big responsibilities so we are just trying to do our best to hold the kids accountable."

And the seniors are leading their team hoping to build off of last year's 8 win season.

"I feel like I bring someone who can set an example. I feel like I'm not seen as someone who is vocal but I can do things the right way so other people can see and replicate what I've done," said Holmes. 

"It's a mental game. You've gotta do everything right," said Malson.

The Hornets will start off their season on Friday versus Courtland.