CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Tuesday marked the first day of classes for undergraduates at the University of Virginia.

It's the first day back from summer break for more than 16,000 undergraduate students.

"I'm not from Virginia, but I love being here, and I'm happy to be back, excited to start the new year," said Avery Schlichter, a fourth-year student at UVA.

Students are getting back into the swing of things after the summer break, looking forward to their classes and spending time with their classmates. Some are setting goals for the year.

"I'd like to try and strike a balance between schoolwork and spending time enjoying the place that I'm living in this year and spending time with the people that I care about," said Makana Brooks, a fourth-year student.

Others are looking forward to fall traditions.

"We're going to the first away game of the season, so we're going to Nashville, going to get to see UVA play there, which is exciting, getting back into this football fall spirit," Schlichter said.

They also have some advice for new students.

"Go to your professors, speak to your professors before you need to and introduce yourself. It's always been something that's made my university experience a lot better," Brooks said.

Undergraduate classes run through Dec. 5.