BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS)-- After losing in districts by 5 the Buckingham County Knights are looking forward to one thing this year.

“Winning games and having fun,” said Buckingham senior defensive end Kordonte Williams. 

“Winning,” said senior running back Demoris Eubenks. 

“Winning games and having fun,” said senior quarterback Zahir Chambers.

But in order to do that, some things had to change. 

“We put in some new things on offense and defense and hopefully it will get us some more wins and hopefully we go further in playoffs,” said Eubenks.

“We got a couple of new offenses. I don’t wanna say too much,” said Chambers.

Even positions. 

“I like linebacker a whole lot more. I can see the field more rather than playing on defensive line,” said Eubenks.

“Last year I played tackle and offense and changing to guard, I mean, it’s a big step. I mean you’ve got a lot more responsibilities,” said senior defensive tackle Ethan Martin. 

And others are honing in on their specialty positions the last time around. 

“That’s the only thing I know, for real. I’ve been playing quarterback my whole life,” said Chambers.

Change in any program is hard but that’s why the senior leaders will play such a key role this year. 

“Coach them up when we can. Help out the coaches to have less stress on them,” said Williams.

“I’m more of a defensive leader. I call out the plays and make sure everybody knows where they're supposed to be,” said Eubenks.

“Most of the time I feel like the boys look up to me a lot to make sure they’re right, the younger guys. We’ve got a lot of younger guys this year,” said Martin.

“I’m a quarterback so you know I kind of lead by example. But, if I have to say something to like pick somebody’s spirit up or something, I do that too,” said Chambers.

This is the last go-around together for the seniors, one last shot at winning a title.

“Since youth football, we’ve always been good. Always had a lot of talent, a lot of speed, a lot of strength and I love them. I’ve never won a district championship and I want to get one this year,” said Chambers.

The knights play Appomattox County High School for the first night under the lights.