ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Albemarle County Public Schools have been under some heat regarding its transportation system this upcoming year.

One Albemarle County mother is in more than one difficult situation.

Emily Smith's oldest daughter's route has been cut, and her youngest daughter's route is still unknown.

“We began receiving communications from an unknown, previously unknown to us, company called EverDriven,” said Smith.

This company said it could be picking up her daughter, who has special needs.

“When we called the school to investigate, her school had no idea about this company or that they would be providing transportation to her,” said Smith.

When calling back the third-party company, Smith realized it had her information without her knowing.

“And so that’s private information, and I would’ve liked to have been previously informed that the county was making plans to contract with an outside agency other than the school system for transportation purposes. The company was unable to answer questions such as who will be driving our daughter to school every day, what type of vehicle would be used. That just gave our family a lot of concern,” said Smith.

Days after the first call from the third-party company, the Smith family finally got some information.

“We received a form letter this past Friday afternoon at about 5 o'clock just noting that the school division has hired this agency to provide transportation for our child,” she said.

But her biggest concerns are still unanswered.

“You know, my daughter is included in a very vulnerable population. I think our biggest concern is that we don’t have the peace of mind that we would like as we prepare to send her off to school every day. Riding with what could be a different nonlocal stranger every single day, especially with her language delays that prevent her from fully communicating to us about what her day has been like,” she said.

ACPS says parents were supposed to be notified before the third-party company reached out, but that didn't happen.