CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A local development company has submitted a rezoning and special use application to City Council to develop a property along Cherry Avenue. They plan for it to be mixed-use. It will include affordable housing units, a grocery store, nonprofit space, and parking to manage the increased traffic it would bring to the area.

City Councilor Michael Payne thinks it's a "fantastic" project.

"I think the fact that you had a developer willing to work with the neighborhood association from the beginning and then build a partnership with a non-profit, Piedmont Housing Alliance, to build an apartment complex that is going to be 100% affordable units, is a very unique partnership and is the kind of thing that neighborhoods around the city want to see, but typically has not been the pattern of development in the city," he says.

He is confident the rezoning ordinance will pass. He says it has the support of the neighborhood association, resident leaders, and unanimous support from the planning commission. Payne also says the other councilors see the project as a model for what other development in the city should look like in the future.

City Council is meeting on Tuesday because Labor Day fell on Monday.