CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Have you ever heard of a singing group that purposefully looks for people who cannot carry a tune?

The University of Virginia No-Tones is the place for those who love to sing, but may not be the most musically gifted.

“The No Tones, our little spiel is, UVA’s oldest and only a capella group for the musically inept,” said Hala Baidas, the president of the No-Tones club at UVA. 

The group's Facebook page suggests it's the perfect organization for those who are "tired of being cast as the tree in your school's musical."

“But we can just do it with enjoyment, no shame, and sometimes UVA has a lot of competitive culture, and this is a way out from that. There’s no competition here, it’s just a way to have fun,” said Baidas.

This club is filled with laughter, fun, and allows students to blow off steam without the pressure of feeling judged.

“What about the people who love to sing, but just want to relax? It doesn’t need to be this super intense thing that causes you stress, it’s supposed to be fun. So we kind of just want to keep it as a group for people who love to sing and want to be with cool people, but without the stress of a real a capella group,”

The No-Tones performs at community and campus events, and steals the hearts of the audience because of the amount of fun the club has on stage.

For those interested in joining, auditions are being held this Friday.