CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The transplant center at UVA Hospital has a big addition: the Charles O. Strickley Transplant Center.

It has over a dozen exam rooms, a transfusion center and an echocardiogram machine.

Normally, they would have to send patients to other parts of the hospital for those services.

The head of the transplant program says this center improves all aspects of their work.

"To be able to see more patients, to take care of them in a holistic way, to be able to care for them in a more holistic way before and after transplant. And, for UVA Health, our goal is to take care of patients from the state of Virginia and beyond, so that will allow us to reach all patients that have transplant needs," Dr. Shawn Pelletier said.

He said transplants require work from all different hospital departments, and this will make it easier to collaborate.

The new center opens next week.