CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville community is helping a single mother of five get back on her feet.

"It's not community, it's family," Khadija Hemmati said.

Her food truck, Khadija's Kitchen, was something she saved up for months to buy. It was all gone in a moment when someone stole it July 27, two months after she bought it. 

"So, everybody [is] trying to support me, offer me a pop-up kitchen, you know, come over, pop-up dinner," she said.

Hemmati, an immigrant, is serving her authentic Afghan cuisine at the Wine Guild of Charlottesville on Oct. 12 and at Carter Mountain Orchard on Fridays. She's also had a few catering jobs like feeding Crutchfield employees.

"God gave me more power and energy to do all of these requests from the community," she said.

Right after her food truck was stolen, a friend told her about the Minority Enterprise Grant from the Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Greater Charlottesville.

Hemmati sent in the application in just days before it was due, and she got it.

"Her whole livelihood. And, it's been really tough for her so she'd applied for equipment for a commercial kitchen, basically, so she could keep her company going, her catering company going. So, the five thousand is going to make even an extra difference for her," Ravi Respeto, CEO and President of United Way, said.

Hemmati said the $5,000 will go towards paying off the loan she took out to buy the stolen truck.

She said she'll keep working until she can buy another and keep serving her Charlottesville family.

"They push me to be strong, and I like it, yes that's it. I really like it. I really enjoy to do it," she said.

Hemmati also has a fundraiser which has raised $1,000 so far.