CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The murder trial for the man accused of killing a member of a local anti-gun violence group started Tuesday in Charlottesville Circuit Court.

Tadashi Keyes is accused of killing Eldridge Vandrew Smith, a member of an anti-gun violence group called the BUCK Squad. 

It happened back on Jan. 28 when Smith was found shot dead in his car on Grove Street in the Fifeville neighborhood. Weeks later, Keyes was arrested and is now facing first-degree murder.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Joe Platania and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Nina Antony are arguing the case against Keyes.

They say that Smith and Keyes, the alleged shooter, were old friends, working together at a local hotel.

Prosecutors said there’s video of Smith and Keyes in Smith's car at a convenience store the night of the shooting. In the video, the car then drives away and just four minutes later they say Smith was shot 13 times.

The prosecution said they don’t have motive, and that lack of motive is the main argument of Keyes's defense.

His attorney, Bryan Jones, said the two were making plans to hang out the next week. He also said in his opening statement that there's no DNA, blood or gunshot residue tying Keyes to the crime.

Jones said the police had “tunnel vision” when investigating the crime.

On Tuesday, the jury, eight men and six women, heard the first round of witnesses including officers who responded to the crime scene.

The trial is expected to last through the end of the week.