WASHINGTON (CBS19 NEWS) -- Capitol Hill is working to pass multiple bills in order to prevent a government shutdown. Virginian politicians Senator Tim Kaine and Congressman Bob Good explain how a shutdown could affect Virginians. 

Kaine says it's vital to pass the budget before the deadline on Saturday. In Virginia, a majority of the federal employees work in national defense, which will continue to work through a shutdown. 

“The effect on Virginia certainly per capita is bigger than any other state. And if you just narrow it down to defense, definitely Virginia suffers more than anyone else. It’s not just defense, it is across the whole enterprise," Kaine said.

However, Good says the concern regarding the defense employees in Virginia is because of the Senate's lack of passing bills.

”Some 140,000 federal employees in Virginian and as you know, many of them are defense-related. So that is why we have prioritized our defense appropriation bills that we are trying to pass today. The Senate has not passed a defense bill, the House has,” Good said.

Good says that the bigger issue on hand is overall policies that are harming all Americans financially rather than just the two million federal employees. 

"Americans can’t afford housing, they can’t afford gas, they can't afford to pay their utilities, they can’t afford groceries, and it will get worse if we do what the Senate is trying to do, and the House is trying to be responsible," he said. 

The deadline to prevent this shutdown is Saturday.