CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Today is National Energy Efficiency Day, and the City of Charlottesville is recognizing it for the second time in six years. 

Charlottesville is one of over 1,000 cities and communities that recognize the day. The City of Charlottesville partners with LEAP, the Local Energy Alliance Program, which works with companies in order to offer incentives to improve the energy efficiency of homes throughout the Charlottesville area.

“Energy efficiency is certainly about reducing our energy bills, which we all want to do, but also improves the comfort and durability and the health of the houses of the homeowners and renters in Charlottesville,” said climate program specialist Tray Biasiolli.

To learn more about what homeowners can do, you can visit Charlottesville's climate initiative page on their website for opportunities available within the city as well as links to the Environmental Protection Agency that provides steps to take to become more energy-efficient.