WASHINGTON, DC (CBS19 NEWS) -- The search for the next Speaker of the House continues as fallout from Kevin McCarthy’s ousting last week continues to ripple through Capitol Hill. Kevin McCarthy is expected to step down from Congress before the end of his term.

Meanwhile, in the Senate, lawmakers are watching the situation hoping for a quick solution.

Senator Tim Kaine (D-Va.) shares that hope. While acknowledging that Republicans may elect someone as speaker who has differing views, he emphasized the importance of selecting someone who believes in the principles of good governance.

"I just hope that whoever the speaker is, is somebody who, though they would stand as the representative of the majority party, they will understand the business of the House of Representatives is to govern the entire country, not just Republicans. Folks who are pro-shutdown, they may think it helps their politics but, it hurts the country," said Kaine.

Having said all this, Kaine says there's too much happening in the Senate for him to have a favorite or a formed opinion on those who are competing. He believes that the Senate will continue to work in a bipartisan way on as much as they can.