CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Sen. Mark Warner has described the Hamas attacks on Israel as “horrific beyond words.”

He said it's essential that the U.S. stands with Israel and he supports defense funding being sent over to help.

He said five to 10 Virginians who were in Israel when the attacks started have contacted his office and he's been able to help some of them get out.

He said all Americans and dual citizens who are in Israel should contact their diplomatic representatives.

He added that it’s time for the Senate to confirm several key positions, including the U.S. Ambassador to Israel and several top U.S. military officials who's positions have been held up by Sen. Tommy Tuberville.

"Immediately confirm Jack Lew as ambassador to Israel. We also have key diplomatic posts in Israel that still need to be filled. And we have the 300-plus members of the military get their promotions so they can get the jobs they have earned and they'll be able to exercise their judgment," he said.

Warner says he knows the Israeli government and the U.S. government will go the extra mile to get hostages home.