WASHINGTON, DC (CBS19 NEWS) -- The President gave only his second Oval Office address on Thursday night, urging more help to war-torn countries.

J. Miles Coleman with the UVA Center for Politics expected Biden to address the ongoing issues in the House and the importance of protecting democracy, specifically in Israel and Ukraine.

The President's address came as his administration plans to request approval from Congress for a $100 billion aid package. The White House says, if approved, the money would go toward several security purposes.

Both chambers of Congress would need to approve the bill, but Coleman says it can't make it through with the House in disarray.

"It's never really good for the House to be without a Speaker, especially with all the stuff happening in the world it's definitely not a good time. Perhaps he'll call on Congress to get their House together, no pun intended," he said.

Along with helping Ukraine and Israel, the package would fund other national security priorities, such as increasing security measures along the southern border.

The Biden Administration also wants to ramp up security efforts in the Indo-Pacific as the White House monitors the influence China is trying to assert over the region.