SHENANDOAH NATIONAL PARK, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Hundreds are traveling on Skyline Drive where the peak fall foliage is consuming Shenandoah National Park. Some passing through from thousands of miles away from home. 

“We are visiting from London."

“We are from central Massachusetts."

“We are from Salt Lake City, Utah."

“I live in Downtown Charlottesville. I am here photographing, and I try to do this every year and come up here around peak leaf time and enjoy the beauty and get some good photographs,” Wick Hunt from Charlottesville said.

"We are here a little over two weeks, so we are having a little family East Coast Road trip. The main thing is just the scale of the park. The national park is beautiful and what we really love are the red trees. We don't have fall foliage like you guys do. So, it has been an amazing experience to just look out the window and look at the trees," The Gailing family from London said. 

“We are going down to our home for the winter in Florida. We will typically travel I-95 which you know is about as boring as could be, and we decided to try Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway," Jim Hallahan from Massachusetts said.  

“We are going on a long drive. This is our fourth day into the drive. We are about 30 hours in, and we went through the Great Smoky National Park yesterday and we are going through Shenandoah National Park today, and we are really excited,” Scott Dopp from Salt Lake City said.  

And while some traveled thousands of miles and even overseas to visit the park, others live right down the road.

“The colors, I don't think I remember a fall in the last seven or eight years that have been this beautiful,” Jim Shimp from Lynchburg said.