CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The mobile vision clinic Conexus stopped by Clark Elementary School to fit students for their very first pair of glasses on Thursday.

Conexus aims to remove poor vision as a barrier to learning, and by providing free eye exams to Charlottesville students, it is able to change students' lives.

“They’re going to get out of the van and they’re going to look around and realize when they get their glasses, they can see leaves on the trees. As winter comes, they’ll see snow falling from the sky, and that’s really what we’re doing, causing success in the classroom and out,” said Jeff Baldwin, the director of communications for Conexus.

Students were welcomed into the mobile vision clinic where an optometrist does a series of tests to see exactly what eye problems they have.

“If they are prescribed a pair of glasses, they get a chance to pick them out. We have hundreds of pairs, styles and colors, because we want the kid to pick out the style that they want,” added Baldwin.

“I love them,” said a student getting fitted for his first pair of glasses.

So far this year, Conexus has administered 62 exams and prescribed 41 pairs of glasses for Charlottesville students, but it anticipates helping many more local students at all levels.

“This year, we’re expanding into middle and high school, so we anticipate doing about 650 free eye exams for the students of Charlottesville,” said Baldwin.

Conexus fit 20 Clark students on Thursday morning and will have these students' custom glasses ready for them in just a few weeks.