Meg Bryce is a candidate for the Albemarle County School Board at-Large seat. This is Part One of a three-part profile.

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- "There's the impression that we are the best in the region and the fact is that we're not and we haven't been for years. So, Louisa has been outperforming us on the Standards of Learning tests since 2014. And they spend less than we do per student. So, we've been on a downward trajectory for some time. And I don't feel that anybody in the current leadership is doing the things that need to be done to get us back on track," Meg Bryce said.

Bryce said the failure in leadership starts with Superintendent Matthew Haas.

“Our district has faltered quite a lot under Dr. Haas's leadership. And I think when you have a record of failure, that contract should not be renewed. I think it is very telling that they renewed it at this time. They didn't have to renew it right now,” she said.

Bryce says she does believe she'd be able to work with him, if elected.

“I would encourage healthy debate. I think that is what is lacking right now. I can work with anybody. I think that disagreeing is underrated," Bryce answered.

Bryce disagrees with how the bus driver shortage is being handled. She said bus drivers like their job, but they hate how they're treated.

“There's a lack of respect, a lack of communication from leadership. So there needs to be a change there. There needs to be changed the leadership countywide but particularly in transportation, so that they feel, not just feel so that they are listened to, and they are made a part of this community,” she said.

She doesn't support collective bargaining for employees.

“Their main issue is they're not listened to. I mean, this is like a common theme that I hear from bus drivers, from teachers from parents. So, the concerns that teachers have voiced, they say those things aren't going to be fixed by collective bargaining. Again, it's a leadership issue,” Bryce said.