LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- With the deadline fast approaching, the U.S. government is on the brink of another shutdown as Congress has yet to approve a funding plan. If nothing is done, the government will come to a halt next Friday.

Fifth District Representative Bob Good says the House is working hard to pass individual appropriation bills to break the cycle of Congress not doing its job and funding the government. He says the Senate would be to blame for a shutdown if it were to happen.

"The Senate is not trying to break the failures of the past, the Senate is trying to perpetuate the failures of the past," Good said.

But he's optimistic that a plan will emerge this week.

"You'll see some kind of responsible spending package come out of the house," Good said.

Good says the House is ready to move on three spending bills passed by the Senate, plus add to it a defense bill from the House that would fund about 80% of the government through December.

"Because the Senate ought to want to get those into law," Good said.

For the other 20%, he says they can pass short term bills to keep those departments up and running through January.

"That takes a shutdown off the table," Good said.

But, Republicans in the House still need Democrats in the Senate on board.

"But I'm confident the House will send something to the Senate. Then the Senate will have to choose, will they accept a temporary resolution, a funding mechanism that appropriately funds the government or are they going to force a shutdown by saying no? The power of the purse is entrusted to the House, the House is supposed to lead on spending. We are trying to do that. The Senate is resisting us," Good said.