GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Residents in Twin Lakes, Greene County were stuck without water for 48 hours. It all started when two main lines broke at almost the same time.

As of Nov. 14, the water is back on but residents are still frustrated.

Residents in the Twins Lakes area say they understand this stuff can happen, but they say they wish they heard something sooner.

“There was a low pressure Saturday evening. We woke up Sunday morning about 9 a.m., we had no water at all,” said Ayla Cartwright, a Greene County resident.

Cartwright says her family of seven was left with no water for 48 hours, so they had no way of bathing, doing laundry or using the restroom.

“Monday the 13th, we realized, OK, we have nothing. I’m pretty sure anybody around here with kids was in the same boat,” she said.

Cartwright says she informed the homeowners association but representatives there said they were already aware of the situation.

“I think anybody in this community should’ve had a call. We should’ve gotten a call from Mountain Lakes, we should’ve gotten a call from the HOA saying ‘Hey we’re aware. This is what’s going on,'” she said.

At 1 a.m. on Nov. 14, the water came back on but Cartwright says it’s frustrating how long the process took.

“They need to have more resources when something like this happens. Have a backup resource. Something where they can go ‘hey we don’t have the manpower, we don’t have our own resources,’ but they have a secondary resource,” she said.

Cartwright says even with the water back on, the problem isn’t completely solved.

“For instance, they just told us this morning, the HOA sent us an email ‘Don’t use the water to drink. If you do, boil it.' Luckily, we already went out and spent money on bottles of water,” she said.

The Twin Lakes community is served by the Mountain Lakes Water Company.