GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- People in the Twin Lakes and Greene Mountain Lake area of Greene County finally have water supply back into their homes, but the boil water advisory is still in place. 

Nearly a week ago, people started noticing very low water pressure, which resulted in discovering a leak in pipes supplying water to the homes. The Virginia Department of Health says that leaks can result in bacteria infiltrating the water, but as of Friday, all the leaks have been repaired. 

"All the leaks have been repaired whether temporarily or permanently, all the leaks have been repaired. Pressure has been restored to the system. So, most of the customers should have some sort of water," said Jessica Coughlin, emergency services coordinator with the VDH's Office of Drinking Water.

VDH says that people in those areas may experience some sediment in their water and should run their faucets until it turns clear.