CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Parents, teachers, and students got the chance to talk about the recurring violence in the halls of Charlottesville High School at a forum put on by Charlottesville United for Public Education.

After a rash of student-on-student violence at Charlottesville High School, the Charlottesville School Board made the decision to close CHS on Monday and Tuesday for students.

The board says its purpose is to have a school reset as well as open discussion. 

In short, board members are still working on a plan.

Charlottesville City Schools leaders say teachers had the opportunity to openly discuss concerns with administrators like Superintendent Dr. Royal Gurley.

"Today teachers are working, CHS has a lot of cafeteria spaces so teachers have gathered in that space with administrators like Dr. Gurley and much of the central office staff. They are then at times doing a whole group exercise, at times they're breaking out into small groups to brainstorm and have just honest discussion with one another about the discussion prompts," said Beth Cheuk, Supervisor of Public Relations for Charlottesville City Schools.

Cheuk says by the time kids come back from Thanksgiving Break, there will be changes, with the first in the principal's office.

The district announced Monday that Kenneth Leatherwood will be the interim principal of Charlottesville High School. This follows Rashaad Pitt's resignation earlier this month.

"For folks who have lived in Charlottesville awhile will know Kenny Leatherwood and they will know the kind of stability and experience that he brings to the job," said Cheuk.

He already has years of experience with CHS.

"He's worked for us since 1981, I believe. First as a teacher at CHS, then as an assistant principal, then as a principal for six years at CHS," said Cheuk.

Looking forward to Monday, the district is looking for a solution to staff the doors and monitor hallways trying to keep out people that have bad intentions.

"Other items like Dr. Gurley and other central office staff have made plans to be here and I think that is another item. I think anything that we announced for last week would probably be following forward for at least the first few days coming back from Thanksgiving break," said Cheuk.