CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Students will return to Charlottesville High School on Nov. 27 after an extended Thanksgiving break.

Instead of having classes on Monday and Tuesday this week, teachers and staff had workdays and there was a panel during which teachers spoke about moving forward from the violent incidents behind classes being canceled for three days.

On Monday and Tuesday, teachers and school administrators worked to come up with practical and immediate changes to practices at the high school and to make progress toward longer-term changes.

There will be a student assembly on Nov. 27 that was put together during these work sessions. At that time, students will learn more about what was discussed.

Parents will receive more detailed information regarding the return to classes and long-term improvements to school safety and culture this upcoming weekend.

Meanwhile, the school is hiring substitute teachers and training volunteers.

Classes were initially canceled on Nov. 17 due to several teachers calling out sick and an insufficient number of substitutes.

That was reportedly associated with a pair of fights that occurred on Nov. 16 as well as other violent incidents so far this school year.

Administrators say a few students have been causing disruptions while most have been trying to get their schoolwork done.

Coming up on Nov. 30, members of the community will have a chance to learn more about immediate and pending changes at CHS.

There will be presentations during an information and feedback session beginning at 6 p.m. as well as discussion groups and a Q&A session.

People interested in attending in person can RSVP here. The location of this session has not yet been determined. 

The information and feedback session will also be streamed via Zoom here.

Meanwhile, students will get to meet the new interim principal, Kenneth Leatherwood on Nov. 27.

He is taking over for Rashaad Pitt who suddenly announced his resignation on Nov. 9.